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Your All-In-One Employee Wellbeing Platform

Empower your people to meet their mental, physical, and financial wellness needs with a comprehensive wellbeing platform focused on proactive care 

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Market-Leading Employee Wellbeing Benefits 

For 18+ years, Vivup has provided world-class employee benefits specifically designed to boost your wellness offering. So far, we’ve helped over three million employees feel more valued, supported, and secure

Pillars of Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing

Help staff save money while providing a route to a higher quality of life

Mental Wellbeing-1


Boost personal resilience and equip your people with the tools to cope with life's challenges  

Physical Wellbeing-1

Physical Wellbeing

Promote a culture of proactive wellbeing and ensure that vital healthcare is accessible to all  


Community Wellbeing

Foster a connection-driven company culture where employees have a sense of belonging

Did You Know?


of employees experience signs of depression

Source: Champion Health


average ROI for every £1 spent on an EAP

Source: EAPA ROI Report 2023

1 in 4 employees

report moderate to severe symptoms

Source: EAPA ROI Report 2023

The Importance of Proactive Wellbeing

Helping your people at the point of crisis is crucial — but it’s not enough. By empowering your people with wellbeing benefits that speak to their needs from the onset, you can cultivate resilient workforces, retain top staff, and win the war on talent — all while helping employees feel secure in their mental, physical, and financial health  

Working from home

Your Care Essentials

Your Care Essentials provides access to an engaging health management platform with optional add-ons to enhance your wellbeing portfolio

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Your Care Plus

Your Care Plus provides access to a wealth of comprehensive wellbeing products and services focused on proactive mental, physical, and financial care

Case Studies

Discover how our clients have customised their benefits packages to engage, inspire, and motivate their valued workforces:  


Wilson James Case Study

Discover how Wilson James created a benefits package worthy of commendation


Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board Case Study

Safeguarding mental health through a dedicated Employee Assistance Programme


Net Zero Technology Centre Case Study

Learn how Net Zero Technology streamlined and expanded their employee benefits to achieve better accessibility


Two men sat down on a sofa with hot drinks

Time to Talk Day: Understanding the Crucial Role of Conversation

Time to Talk Day (1st February) provides a great opportunity to start much-needed mental health conversations in the workplace.

Woman opening a present at her desk at Christmas time

Give Your People The Gift of Financial Wellbeing This Christmas

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Protecting your People with Preventative Care 

When it comes to looking after our wellbeing, many people, for many reasons, choose to seek help once they are past the point of need. Not only does...

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