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Your questions answered! 

To make your experience as smooth as possible, we’ve answered some of the most important and frequent questions we receive about our Employee Assistance Programme and Wellbeing Offering

Employee Assistance Programme – Frequently Asked Questions


Your EAP programme is designed to offer you a stepped care approach to psychological support. All counsellors are professionally trained, qualified and are members of their relevant professional body. All Counsellors, Psychotherapists, EAP employees and affiliates have a current Enhanced Disclosure and Barring service check. The service adheres to the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists) ethical code, the details of this can be found here.


All clients entering the service will be asked to provide their contact information, GP details, employee details and will undertake a short risk assessment. This is to enable us to best meet your needs at the first available opportunity and to ensure you are triaged to the most appropriate support. We provide your employer with baseline management information about user demographics. This will never identify you as an individual. The service has a range of support pathways and this will be collaboratively explored with you to find the one best meeting your current needs. We have compiled a range of frequently asked questions for your information.

What happens when I first contact the service?

Is the service confidential?

What kind of therapy / support will I receive?

How is my information used?

Can my Counsellor advise me about my medication?

Who can I speak to if I am unhappy with my counsellor or have an issue, I do not wish to discuss with them?

How long will I wait for an appointment?

How do I provide feedback about the service?

Can I access my notes?

Can I use the service if I am already seeing a Counsellor or am in other Mental Health services?

Who do I contact if I feel that I need additional support outside of my normal sessions?

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