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Financial Support 

Provide access to financial guidance, build employee confidence, and boost your wellbeing offering with our in-house Financial Support

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Resources to Improve Employee Financial Wellbeing  

Our Financial Support offering provides access to resources for improving all aspects of financial wellbeing - from dealing with financial shocks to building a healthier relationship with spending

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Access Financial Support and Resources

Provide practical information and support to people facing income shocks and financial insecurity

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Track & Improve Financial Wellbeing

Give access to a financial education, coaching and wellbeing platform that helps employees to feel less stressed and more confident with their money

Benefits for your Business

Reduce stress, the leading cause of absenteeism, with financial support specifically designed to give your people peace of mind. By providing resources to alleviate financial stress, you can unlock new levels of motivation, productivity, and engagement in your business 

  • Help employees feel secure and confident in their finances
  • Increase morale with a benefit that values your people
  • Establish yourself as an employer of choice with an in-demand wellbeing solution
  • Boost productivity by helping employees destress and stay present at work
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Benefits for your Employees

With 1 in 4 employees reporting that money issues impact their job performance, providing resources for financial support allows your people to be more present at work - leading to a ripple effect cross your organisation  

  • Mood-rate purchases with mental health in mind
  • Discover the difference between healthy and unhealthy spending
  • Form new money habits that feel good and support long-term goals
  • Access actionable information to deal with financial insecurity

* YourCare suppliers are accurate at the time of this material and are subject to change. Vivup reserves the right to change the offers, terms, and suppliers at any time. Terms and Conditions may apply for any third-party suppliers.  

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