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Domestic Abuse Support

Provide access to advice, information, and support for those affected by domestic abuse 

In partnership with Bright Sky*, you can help your people find the support they need — whether they’re experiencing domestic abuse directly, or are concerned about someone they know 

Checking Phone at Work

App-based support for those who need it 

Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence. It comes in many forms and can include sexual, psychological, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse. It is often difficult to see, accept, or understand when a person may be experiencing abuse 

We can help your people find nearby services, enable access to advice or information, and explore support options via a simple app 

Our platform links to a free mobile app that provides support and information to anyone who may be in an abusive relationship or worried about they know 

Individual-Group Debriefing

Less than 24%

of employees are aware of their employer having a policy in place to support those dealing with domestic abuse1

Strengthen Recruitment


is the potential lost earning per female victim, per year2

Pre Incident Support


of people experiencing domestic abuse will be targeted at their place of work1

Protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of your people 

Everyone deserves to feel safe, secure, and happy in their relationship. By providing employees access to domestic abuse support, you can: 

  • Safeguard the mental and physical health of your workforce
  • Bolster retention with tools that value the lives of your people
  • Help employees recognise the signs of domestic abuse
  • Equip staff with access to national helplines and support services
Relaxed Woman Mug
Serious Woman Phone Call

Offer support as and when employees need it

Domestic abuse can be hard to spot, and harder to deal with. Whether things have changed in small ways over time, or suddenly and unexpectedly, employees can easily locate the necessary resources to help their situation. This includes access to: 

  • Quick and simple assessments to explore the situation
  • Guides about controlling behaviour, sexual consent, and different types of abuse
  • A variety of national helplines and local support services
  • Tips and tricks for staying safe online
  • Support and information for loved ones who may be experiencing abuse



* YourCare suppliers are accurate at the time of this material and are subject to change. Vivup reserves the right to change the offers, terms, and suppliers at any time. Terms and Conditions may apply for any third-party suppliers.  

Take the next step to protect employee wellbeing

To learn more about Vivup and how our platform can support employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse, contact us today 

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