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Peer-to-Peer Support  

Bolster your wellbeing agenda by providing employees access to confidential peer-to-peer support for life’s most pressing challenges 

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A confidential space to give and receive support 

The peer-to-peer support solution is a clinically managed online community designed to improve mental wellbeing. The platform provides anonymous, peer-to-peer support to help as many people as possible benefit from instant, easy access as and when they need it

On Scene Support

Improve Morale

With access to a range of relevant, helpful resources

Increase Engagement

Strengthen Resilience

Via anonymised support available 24/7

Strengthen Recruitment

Decrease Absenteeism

By empowering employees to address mental health concerns

Reap the benefits of a resilient team

By providing employees access to safe, stigma-free support, you’re not just helping them — you’re helping your business, too

  • Create a seamless wellness experience with signposting to Your Care and Your Care Plus
  • Strengthen your wellbeing offering while allowing employees to remain anonymous
  • Increase employee mental health, motivation, and happiness
  • Foster a company culture centred around proactive wellbeing
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Judgement-free support for employees

By providing employees with a designated space to share, connect, and support, you can help them improve their mental health in a secure, no-judgement environment

  • Connect with peers experiencing similar challenges
  • Identify risks with 24/7 clinician monitoring
  • Share safely with fully anonymised functionality
  • Access relevant resources including tools, courses, and more

* YourCare suppliers are accurate at the time of this material and are subject to change. Vivup reserves the right to change the offers, terms, and suppliers at any time. Terms and Conditions may apply for any third-party suppliers.  

Start improving employee mental health today

To learn more about how peer-to-peer support can strengthen your wellbeing agenda, request a demo today

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