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The Power of Setting Personalised Goals 

Supporting your employees to set personalised wellbeing goals can be hugely beneficial – both to their wider wellbeing, and their effectiveness in your business. Your Care enables employees to set sustainable goals based on their needs, helping them make achievable milestones towards improving their wellbeing


Use Your Care to set achievable wellbeing goals 

The Your Care platform not only provides a range of Assessments to help employees identify areas where they can improve their wellbeing with preventative support, but also enables employees to set goals based on their personal wellbeing aims. Whether that’s being more active, eating healthier foods, improving their sleep, or a range of other options, Your Cares sustainable goals are here to help

Boost Morale

Small changes, big results

Just 10,000 steps a day can improve your health

Strengthen Recruitment

Healthy employees are 3x more productive

Healthy employees mean better results

Take the next step to boost employee wellbeing

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