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Bullying and Harassment Support Line  

Help employees cope with the impact of workplace bullying and harassment with a dedicated service designed to support your people when they need it most 

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Bullying and Harassment Support Line  

Our Bullying and Harassment Support Line is designed to support callers, make them aware of their options, and help clarify the services an organisation has in place to address bullying and harassment

  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year  
  • All calls answered by BACP-accredited counselling staff  
  • Completely confidential in accordance with BACP framework 
  • Services available for all involved parties, including the perpetrator
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Protect Employees

Ensure your people have confidential support to navigate their situation, from initial instance to formal reporting

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Foster a Healthy Culture

Help employees feel valued and protected with a benefit that puts their needs first

Follow up Services

Offer 24/7 Support

Allow employees to access support at a time that’s convenient for them, with availability 24/7, 365 days a year

Benefits for Your Business 

No one should have to suffer bullying or harassment in the workplace, but unfortunately, it does happen. By offering access to a dedicated bullying and harassment helpline, you can: 

  • Encourage employees to seek support before the situation escalates 
  • Support a zero-tolerance bullying and harassment policy 
  • Help employees proactively manage their mental health 
  • Reduce burnout following instances of bullying or harassment 
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Benefits for Your Employees 

While many people may feel apprehensive when discussing bullying and harassment, equipping employees with direct access to Bullying and Harassment Support can help end stigma while fostering team-wide health

  • Access the helpline at any time 
  • Completely independent and confidential support  
  • Learn to identify the signs and symptoms of bullying and harassment 
  • Explore all available options for resolution, including formal processes 

Take the Next Step in Protecting Employee Wellbeing  

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