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Carer Support    

Making the decision to find care for elderly family members can be an emotional and distressing prospect. Help your people navigate this uncertain time with dedicated support for carers

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About Carer Support   

In partnership with Grace Care Consulting, the Carer Support service can help your employees navigate their situation to find solutions, strategies, and a way forward that is right for them

  • Eldercare, convalescence, and respite care  
  • Assistance with hospital discharges and navigating the NHS and social services systems 
  • Appropriate care options 
  • Access to the best care providers 
  • Help with retaining independence 
  • Access to funding and financial resources 
  • Help with legal aspects of care, including rights, roles, and responsibilities 
  • Ongoing support for caregivers 

Benefits to Your Business 

Care is a complex area requiring sensitivity and specialist insight. With our Carer Support service, you can equip employees with much needed resources while enhancing your existing wellbeing offering 

  • Offer an in-demand benefit in the competitive talent marketplace 
  • Support employees both in and out of the workplace 
  • Improve retention by helping employees feel supported and valued 
  • Build a happier, more confident workforce 
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Benefits to Your Employees 

Whether employees need help planning ahead or in-depth support for an ongoing situation, our Carer Support service will work alongside your staff to provide all the information necessary to make the right decision for them and their family  

  • Make informed decisions about care 
  • Access the very best care providers and support 
  • Receive assistance with the complex systems impacting care  
  • Receive ongoing support throughout the process 

Ready to Get Started?  

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