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Trauma Support

Traumatic events can have a significant impact on an individual – especially when working in healthcare or for the emergency services. Help your people overcome difficult or distressing events with training and resources specifically designed to address trauma 

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Tools for Navigating Trauma  

We provide a range of support tools to help your people navigate and overcome distressing events. This includes access to trauma-focused CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) courses, self-help workbooks, and training opportunities to enable your managers to identify the symptoms of trauma and intervene appropriately


Self-Help Workbooks

Access Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) workbooks offering advice and guidance on a number of topics


24/7 Telephone Support

Speak in confidence to fully qualified counsellors and support specialists 24/7, 365 days a year

On Scene Support

Mental Health Awareness Training

Help managers understand the symptoms of trauma and provide a pathway for appropriate intervention

Protect your people and your business  

When employees experience traumatic stress, the risk of burnout can skyrocket. From proactively recognising the signs of trauma to providing resources to address their needs, helping employees cope with trauma is more than a benefit — it’s vital to the health and safety of your workforce

  • Learn to spot the signs and symptoms of trauma  
  • Foster team-wide resilience 
  • Reduce burnout following a traumatic event  
  • Help employees proactively manage their mental health in the wake of trauma
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Support your staff when they need it most   

Whether it’s a traffic accident, violent crime, natural disaster, or other incident, it’s normal to experience traumatic stress following a disturbing event. In times of crisis, Vivup can help support your employees throughout their coping process 

  • Access support at the point of need 
  • Mitigate symptoms
  • 24/7 telephone helpline with clinically qualified counsellors

Boost Your Wellbeing Offering  

To learn more about how Vivup can help you build a happier, healthier workforce, book a demo today

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