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Online Wellbeing Assessments 

Put wellbeing at the core of your company culture with access to resources and simple, easy-to-use online assessments designed to help employees identify issues before they become difficult to treat 

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Actionable Employee Wellbeing Assessments 

Online Wellbeing Assessments help employees gain a better understanding of their mental, physical, and financial state. Designed to identify the risk of developing any of the five leading lifestyle-related diseases, Online Assessments make wellbeing accessible, interactive, and most importantly, action-oriented 

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce Absenteeism

With assessments that give proactive risk scores

Strengthen Recruitment

Strengthen Recruitment

Through a competitive wellbeing offering

Increase Engagement

Increase Engagement

Via an interactive wellness solution

Reap the Benefits of Preventative Assessments 

Proactively identifying health risks and providing access to solutions is crucial when building a comprehensive wellbeing strategy. By providing access to wellbeing self-assessment tools, you can: 

  • Boost attendance by helping employees proactively address health risks
  • Build a company culture that emphasises employee wellbeing
  • Centralise your wellbeing offering through an existing Employee Assistance Programme
  • Gain meaningful insights to inform your wellbeing strategy
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Easy Assessments, Empowered Employees  

Mental, physical, and financial health are stressors that can prevent employees from fully engaging at work. But, with access to Online Assessments centred around proactive care, your employees can:

  • Identify health risks and engage with support from the onset
  • Learn how to make sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Access a suite of resources for taking the next step in seeking care
  • Gain an understanding of existing health with easy-to-understand assessment results

Learn More About Online Wellbeing Assessments 

To learn more about Vivup and how Online Wellbeing Assessments can help you build a happier, healthier workforce, request a demo today 

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