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Benefit Calculator & Grant Search 

Help employees find information on means-tested benefits and grants applicable to their unique situations while improving financial wellbeing across your workforce

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About the Benefits Calculator

Your people can access a Benefits Calculator to identify what benefits they’re entitled to, empowering them with the information they need and deserve to boost financial wellbeing  

Taking less than ten minutes to complete, the calculator is quick, easy, and completely confidential  

About Grants Search  

The UK has a variety of charitable organisations providing grants to people in need — and we can help your employees find them. By answering a short questionnaire on their personal situation, the Grants Search can connect employees with much-needed financial support to alleviate stress in challenging situations

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Improve Morale

With easy-to-use, actionable tools

Increase Engagement

Help Employees Find Support

From means-tested benefits to money, products, and services

Boost Morale

Enhance Financial Wellbeing

Provide relevant, personalised support to employees

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Help Employees Manage Financial Stress and Stay Motivated  

Enable your workforce to mitigate financial distress, and reap the positive impacts on your business:  

  • Boost employee morale with transparent, digestible resources
  • Reduce absenteeism by helping employees manage and solve financial stress
  • Strengthen your wellbeing offering and stay competitive in the war on talent

Demystify Financial Wellbeing for Employees 

Financial distress can be incredibly hard to cope with — but with the Benefits Calculator and Grant Search tools, your employees can:  

  • Discover which means-tested benefits they qualify for, including tax credits, grants, funds, and other forms of financial help
  • Find crystal clear guidance for addressing financial insecurity
  • Connect with charitable organisations who may be able to support in times of need
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* YourCare suppliers are accurate at the time of this material and are subject to change. Vivup reserves the right to change the offers, terms, and suppliers at any time. Terms and Conditions may apply for any third-party suppliers.  

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