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Your Care Essentials

Equip your employees with an engaging health management platform focused on proactive care. Your Care Essentials can help your organisation gain meaningful insights on wellbeing strategy, create long-term wellbeing for employees, and build a culture that helps employees feel valued

Preventative Care for Your Most Important Asset: Your People

Your Care Essentials is a comprehensive wellbeing platform that examines the individual elements contributing to a person’s mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. Create long-term employee wellbeing through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive change with: 

  • Assessments to identify areas of concern and where to turn for further assistance
  • Personalised goals to motivate your people to strive for better health
  • Connectivity to health and fitness apps to sync activity data and track progress
  • Resources including blogs, videos, recipes, and more
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Optional Add-On: Online GP for Employees 

Your Care Essentials can be enhanced with our Online GP service, helping your people access vital health support without having to navigate long NHS waiting lists. This enables your people to receive the support they need, when they need it, from any location 

Telephone and video consultations are available from 8am to 10pm (excluding UK bank holidays) 

Strengthen Recruitment

Strengthen Recruitment

With a competitive wellbeing offering

Boost Morale

Boost Morale

Through benefits that show you care

Reduce Absenteeism

Reduce Absenteeism

By providing access to preventative tools and treatment

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Put Wellbeing at the Heart of Company Culture  

Providing access to positive, proactive care has many benefits for your business. By creating a culture centred on wellbeing, you can:  

  • Boost employee health, motivation, and happiness
  • Gain meaningful data insights to inform your wellbeing strategy
  • Build a loyalty-driving company culture
  • Bolster your recruitment toolkit with in-demand benefits

Enhance Employee Experience  

From day-to-day challenges at home to dealing with pressures in the workplace, Your Care Essentials is designed to help employees: 

  • Identify the risk of developing any of the five leading lifestyle-related diseases
  • Boost health and happiness with sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Simplify wellbeing management with connectivity to health and fitness apps
  • Find carefully curated resources to support their wellbeing journey
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Learn More About Your Care Essentials 

To learn how Your Care Essentials can help you build a happier, healthier workforce, request a demo today 

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